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Updated: Jun 7

Let's see the world together! This here is a personal blog about my travels, the things I saw, eat and what's good about some of my favorite places I've been.

Well, hey there! I'm so glad you are here 😊 My name is Krystle. I'm a lively lady in my late 30's who lives full time in a 2007 25ft Airstream with my 3 dogs. When I'm not working you can find me adventuring...usually with 1, or all of my dogs. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area I'm a California girl through and through. I love the ocean, the mountains and all things nature, but I am also a huge fan of the concrete jungles of city life. We Californias really are so spoiled, and I just love it.

Me enjoying Dolores Park, San Francisco ~ A perfect "Indian Summer" day. This shirt was rented on Le Tote! To enjoy your first shipment for free Tote click the link here

A Lil' Back Story

When I was in my early teens my dad sent my younger sister and me to visit his bother in Stuttgart Germany. That summer changed my life! Not only did it give me the official "travel bug" I also experienced so many "first times" that summer which shaped who I am today. Among those things I discovered that summer include: The vast world of international cuisine, espresso, wine, and a profound respect for different languages. Still to this day when I travel my priorities include discovering the best local coffee shop and eating a special treat iconic to the area I'm visiting. Bonus if I get to pair some wine from the surrounding region with said iconic treat! Among some other things I dearly enjoy while in a new place is to explore on foot. There really isn't a better way to get to know a city then on foot aka up close and personal with the people and the "bricks" that make a place what is. With these basic goals in mind and a super flexible mindset I usually set out to find these treasures and along the way something perfectly unexpected and beautiful happens and it's always a good adventure.

Come Away with Me...

It is in the following blog posts that I'd like to share these adventures and some of my very most favorite things I found along the way in the hopes that, should you ever visit, you too can enjoy these special places as much as I have.

Future blog posts about:

Europe, Central America, Canada, California, Colorado, and a collection of other States too many to mention! Hit the "Subscribe" button for my monthly blog posts or follow me on the socials for content links. The fun is just around the corner. I can't wait for you to share these adventures with me.

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